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"Samotnia Christa" was established in 1988.
Earlier, while we were still living in Warsaw, we had (for 15 years) a Welsh Terrier Jane de Liuba. She gave us one litter called " Z Czerniakowskiej Góry" (From Czerniakowska Mountain"). She was a female that "adorably" hunted anything and everything that moved, and for this reason, we both decided: terriers - never again!
MONA LISA i RITAAfter long consideration and family discussion, in 1988, we took into our home a female rottweiler Rita from Jancola - a progenitor of our rottweilers.
She stayed with us for 13 years and was a very smart dog - she was the leader of the pack till the end of her days. She was well trained (finished specialized training courses), and only due to our lack of knowledge and lack of kennel club experience, she did not complete her championship. Rita is the great grandmother of our youngest rottweiler female in the kennel: Ch.Pl INFANTKA from Samotni Christa; called Misia at home.s we moved to Piastów, we decided that having another breed, maybe a more spontaneous, impulsive one would not be a bad idea. After many family debates, we returned to a terrier - never say never!
In 1991 we bought a female American Staffordshire Terrier MONA LISA from Antusza kennel. She became the progenitor of our amstaffs. Mona did not have her ears cropped, and at that time, this was inappropriate and greatly criticized! Despite the gold medals, the jurors didn't award her with championship. Nevertheless, Mona was fertilized three times by best available American Staffordshire Terrier dogs in Europe.
TROFEAIn 1995, after two years of waiting, to porify the blood, we imported a female amstaff from Barberycoast AMELIA AIRHART, called Ruby by her breeder. The kennel that Ruby comes from is owned by Catherine Prothro and is the best Canadian kennel of amstaffs.uby can't be considered as a "show fan" but despite this she accomplished CWC three times and is the winner of the show.
On 15.03.2005 a 1,5 year old female Chihuahua (Mexican breed of the smallest dogs of the world) arrived. It was my dream birthday present from my husband. Carmen, as it was her name was a wonderful dog , in the exact meaning of the word. From our other dogs she differed only with size. She weighed 1700 grams.  Although she was supposed to be a typically show dog we never got the AKC pedigree but completely have fallen in love with the smallest breed of the world.  We decided to have a few Chihuahuas from the best European kennels.

Last but not least we would like to add that we share our home with dogs until the end of their days. We don't believe in so called "good hands" and provide care and love for our elderly dogs.