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With passion, since 1988, we have bred:




Rubi, Gabi i Panda



PandaOur kennel has been breeding American Staffordshire Terriers and Rottweilerssince 1988. The present generation of our dogs represents the four generationsince establishing the kennel.We pay great attention to excellent of character and the origin of dogs. Splendidfemales are the pillar of our kennel. They are the ones that make up the geneticalbase, as well as, the foundation of it's succes. Our females are bred with thebest males that fit our kennel ideology. We have setour own type to which westrive. Our prototype of the breed gives meaning to the existence of our kennel: a dog of standard build, strong but at the same time elegant and with a suitable temperament for this breed.
"Samotnia Christa" is one of a few kennels that also has a rare breed of black and blue amstaffs.

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